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Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment May Come To I-294

September 29, 2018 - 3:11 pm

CHICAGO (AP) -- The Illinois Tollway may add infrastructure to charge electric vehicles along I-294.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the proposed addition is part of a $4 billion project to rebuild and widen a 22-mile portion of I-294. The highway stretches from near the Wisconsin state line through Chicago's western suburbs to near the Indiana state line.

Additions could include conventional charging stations, "super-charger" stations that work more quickly and "smart-powered lanes" that charge electric vehicles as they drive along the road.

Tollway Chief Operating Officer Kevin Artl says demand for electric vehicles is increasing and the Tollway wants to be prepared for it.

Artl says the agency is studying the demand for in-road charging technology and officials will likely know how to proceed in about two years.

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