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Drunk Baggage Handler Flies To Chicago In Plane's Cargo Hold After Falling Asleep

October 31, 2018 - 6:55 pm

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- A baggage handler for American Airlines took a nap in the cargo hold of a Boeing 737 in Kansas City this past weekend - and the plane took off for O'Hare.

It was early Saturday morning at the Kansas City airport. American Airlines said a 23-year-old Piedmont Airlines employee who was working for American "inadvertently fell asleep in the forward cargo hold" of a plane bound for O'Hare.

And it did land at O'Hare -- 62 minutes later.

Chicago Police Spokesman Thomas Ahern picks up the story.

"An employee of American Airlines admitted to Chicago Police and the FBI in Chicago that he was intoxicated at the time that he was loading bags onto a plane in Kansas City, Missouri," Ahern said. "He fell asleep in the cargo area of the plane and was discovered when the plane arrived in Chicago."

Ahern said the man was not charged in the incident.

"He was remorseful that he was intoxicated and fell asleep in the cargo area of the plane," he said.

He was put on a plane back to Kansas City, Ahern said.

American said the cargo hold was heated and pressurized and the man was not injured.

American Spokesman Ross Feinstein said the airline is investigating and that the employee has been "suspended pending the outcome of the investigation."