Dixon High School Holds Graduation Days After Shooting

Andy Dahn
May 20, 2018 - 4:58 pm
Dixon High School graduation

Dixon Public Schools


CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Just days after a former student opened fire in Dixon High School, a graduation ceremony was held Sunday afternoon.

Dixon City Councilman Mike Venier said there was a sense of relief as seniors received their diplomas.

"We're thankful that we were prepared," Venier said. "We're thankful that the funds were there to support the programs that help these kids and this faculty prepare. For something we hope we never have to prepare for, we were ready."

The ceremony was held in the school's gym, where on Wednesday, police said 19-year-old Matthew Milby opened fire until he was shot by a school resource officer. Dixon Mayor Liandro Arellano called the response from students after the close call "inspiring."

"They didn't obsess on it," Arellano said. "They dealt with it. They're still going to be dealing with it for awhile. Unfortunately, that is one of the challenges that they faced, but they faced it head on."

But Arellano said city and school leaders must continue to work on keeping students safe.

Milby is being held on $2 million bond and is due back in court on Wednesday.