Alderman Wants Better Police Response Times After Mob Incident Causes 'Chaos' In Gold Coast

Bernie Tafoya
May 08, 2018 - 1:24 pm
Chicago Police squad car

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- A Chicago alderman said groups of young people, with the intent to intimidate Chicagoans and tourists, converged Saturday night in the Gold Coast causing chaos.

Alderman Brian Hopkins, 2nd Ward, said the bands of teens and young adults fought amongst each other, pushed people, stole cellphones, jumped on cars and taxis and created chaos and fear for about 90 minutes - all on purpose. 

Hopkins estimates 150 young people were involved and about half of them arrived together from the South Side on two Red Line cars. The group exited at Chicago Avenue, ran up the stairs as a group, emerged out on the street and ran around shouting and causing “chaos.” Others converged on Michigan Avenue near Water Tower Place.

“All that suggests this was an organized effort, that there were leaders within this group that put this all together and we know they used social media to do it," Hopkins said.

The alderman said it was a "frightening scene".

“Police responded immediately and did their best to quell the crowd, but the numbers had swelled to such a degree, it took reinforcements some time to arrive and regain control of the situation,” Hopkins said.

The alderman plans to meet with police to come up with a strategy for ensuring a quicker police response next time.

“We will not be caught off guard again,” he said.

Chicago police said one 16-year old was arrested as a result.

“He got in confrontation with a doorman who works on Chicago Avenue and when officers attempted to intervene in the confrontation, this juvenile offender threw a liquid substance into the police officer’s face," Hopkins said.

Alderman Hopkins said he know of some people that had items stolen, but have not reported it to police. He is encouraging them to do so.