Activists Call On Chicago Police To Drop Gang Database

April 13, 2019 - 2:14 pm

Organizers of Saturday's peace rally on the West Side spoke out about the Chicago Police gang database that was strongly criticized by the city's inspector general, saying it was time for the database to go.

Chicago Inspector General Joe Ferguson released a report claiming the database has serious flaws and unverifiable information. The report also claims the database unfairly targets some people who face such things as increased police scrutiny, longer prison sentences and obstacles to finding work, as a result of being listed in the files.

Longtime community activist Tio Hardiman says it's time to eliminate the database.

Chicago Police have proposed a replacement system, the Criminal Enterprise Database, which the department claims would ensure information on suspected gang members is updated and vetted.

Police say the new system would also allow people to find out if they are in the database and appeal their designation as gang members.