3 Horse And Carriage Companies In Court Over City Violations

Bernie Tafoya
March 29, 2018 - 10:03 am

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- The lawyer for three horse and carriage companies will be back before a city judge next week over dozens of violations cited against those companies last year. 

There were more than 130 citations issued against Antique Coach and Carriage, Chicago Horse and Carriage, and Great Lakes Horse and Carriage last year.  The violations are for everything from not giving horses water in a timely way, working horses longer than the six-hour limit set by the city and, even, turning down streets they were not supposed to be on during certain hours.

The companies' attorney, Tim Murphy, compares the violations as being on the order of traffic tickets.  He said he's been talking with the city attorney. 

"Because of the volume of them, we’re trying to work something out with the city. There's an awful lot of tickets that have been issued," he said.

Murphy said the settlement talks include requiring the carriage companies to keep logs that address issues, such as rest and water for horses, and to "provide a plan on how the companies will make sure the drivers are aware of each and every regulation."

Jodie Wiederkehr of the Chicago Alliance For Animals is responsible for the three carriage companies being cited.  She said she and a volunteer, "would go down to the carriage stand and, basically, sit there and videotape when we saw one of them breaking the law."

Wiederkehr would like to see carriage rides end in Chicago. She said the busy traffic and the hard surfaces of the streets are not good for the horses.

The carriage companies are scheduled to be back before an administrative law judge Monday afternoon.