New North Terminal At CTA's 95th/Dan Ryan Station Opens, Welcomes Riders

Mike Krauser
January 04, 2019 - 11:41 am

WBBM Newsradio/Mike Krauser


CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the CTA celebrated Friday the opening of the new North Terminal at the 95th/Dan Ryan Station, marking the substantial completion of a $280 million project that provides Chicago’s South Side with a state-of-the-art transit facility and a boost to the local economy through the creation of more than 4,600 jobs.

The North Terminal is the second of two new bus and rail facilities that replace the original 50-year-old terminal. A new pedestrian bridge that spans 95th Street connects the two terminals to provide riders a safe pathway when connecting between bus and rail services.

The station provides 24-hour Red Line service for more than 20,000 daily commuters.

“This a critical milestone in the largest construction project in CTA’s history, one that marks a transformative investment in Chicago’s South Side,” said Mayor Emanuel. “This 95th/Dan Ryan North Terminal and pedestrian bridge add critical components to a transit showcase that continues to create jobs and opportunities, and drives economic development in this community.”

Alderman Howard Brookins called it “the gateway for middle income black Chicago.”

CTA President Dorval Carter said the sprawling new station, combining technology, art and architecture, is going to become a widely recognized symbol of the city “not unlike the Picasso statue, the elevated as a whole and other iconic symbols, that’s how big a deal this is.

“As you look around this station, what you see really isn’t a transit center, what you see is an airport terminal that happens to serve busses.”

Rev. Otis Moss the Third and Mayor Emanuel said it is a gateway to a more promising future.

“This is more than money," Moss said, “this is the fueling of dreams. See the stories of people who will ride and their dreams will go from being marginalized to actual fruition.”

Emanuel said they were cutting a ribbon on opportunity. 

“When you look out those windows as you cross from the South Terminal to the North Terminal you can see the city and if you can see it, but you can’t get there all the possibility of Chicago just passes you by," he said. 

The North Terminal will include a bright mezzanine, new signage throughout, safer pedestrian walkways between bus stations and the rail terminal, more turnstiles and Ventra vending machines, a longer train platform to reduce overcrowding, additional bike racks, plus more CTA Transit Tracker displays and high-definition cameras throughout.

Still to be built at the station is a recording studio, where there will be live musical performances, interviews and town hall meetings that will be broadcast throughout the station. 

Elected officials at the ribbon-cutting ceremony said they're now setting their sights on extending the Red Line to 130th Street.