'This Ain’t No Joke, Brothers': Mr. T Encourages Chicagoans To Wear Face Masks, Help Stop Spread Of COVID-19 In PSA

Bernie Tafoya
May 26, 2020 - 2:17 pm

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Illinois’ state comptroller has enlisted part of the “A-Team” to help in getting people to follow safe coronavirus prevention measures.

State Comptroller Susana Mendoza posted on Twitter that she’s always been a fan of Chicago’s own Mr. T, who grew up in the Chicago Housing Authority projects, became a bouncer, a bodyguard and then a Hollywood actor.

So, Mendoza asked Mr. T to do a public service announcement about the importance of wearing a mask to help limit the spread of the coronavirus. He did.

In the nearly minute long video, Mr. T invokes his most famous line before putting on his own mask.

"This ain’t no joke, brothers. This is real. People is dying. That's why, I pity the fool who don't wear a mask. Ughhhh!" 

At the end of her tweet, Susana Mendoza adds, "C’mon tough guys. Put on a mask."
Mr. T starred in a Rocky movie, and TV's "The A-Team" among other acting credits.