Mosquitoes Are Coming, Thanks To May's Record Rainfall

May 31, 2019 - 9:55 am

First came the record-hitting rains of the month. Next come the mosquitoes.

Experts said mosquitoes will start emerging in force over the next seven to 10 days.

"Coming here into June, it’s going to be pretty bad," said Rick Norwood, vice president of Mosquito Squad Chicago. "We tell customers all the time, standing water is what you have to get rid of, even as much as a bottle cap in your yard."

Standing water is the typical breeding place for mosquitoes. Norwood explained why mosquitoes have not been so bad yet.

"The reason you’re not seeing so much activity as of yet, is that it’s really cool at night," he said. "So, as soon as we start seeing those temperatures rise up a little bit, especially at night, that’s when you start seeing some of the hatching."

George Balis, entomologist at Clarke Mosquito Control, said mosquitoes were out earlier last year because it was a warmer start to the season.

"It was 95 degrees over Memorial Day so the mosquitoes came out a little bit earlier than we’ll see this year," Balis said. 

Norwood said that if you can’t get rid of standing water around your home, for instance, ponds, there are things you can buy at the stores like little mosquito dunks, he said.

"They look like little donuts. You can throw them in standing water areas," he said. "They’ll help kill larva."

Repellants with DEET aren’t the only ones that work according to Balis.

"DEET is the gold standard that’s been around for a number of years but there’s also picaridin, oil of lemon eucalyptus, as well as IR3535 which are recommended by the CDC as repellants for mosquitoes, Balis said.