Memorabilia Shop Yesterday Is No More

Steve Miller
July 30, 2020 - 2:11 pm

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Yesterday — the memorabilia shop on Addison near Wrigley Field — is now yesterday’s news. 

It was demolished on Thursday, WBBM Newsradio’s Steve Miller reports.

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Yesterday opened in 1976 as a browser’s treasure trove of old newspapers, magazines and nostalgia.

Tom Boyle, the owner, died last December at the age of 88. His family sold the place, drawing laments on social media, including from the Twitter account known as Chicago Party Aunt.

Wrigleyville resident Charlotte Bader came by to take some photos of the site.

“I used to go in there a lot just to look around and just looking at his posters and stuff that he had. He probably had stuff he didn’t even know he had,” Bader said. “ It was one of those places that was just cluttered. Have you been in there?”

We nod.

“OK, so you know.”

The building had been practically falling down when it was standing.

Now it is totally down. Near the sidewalk, a baseball and an old newspaper that once were for sale at Yesterday.

A redevelopment is planned for the presumably valuable property.