Meet Oswego's Namesake Fossil: Tentaculites Oswegoensis

Bernie Tafoya
February 24, 2020 - 5:41 pm
Oswego Fossil

Village of Oswego


(WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Oswego has been given a prehistoric gift that will be displayed in the village hall lobby.

Oswego Village Administrator Dan DiSanto said amateur paleontologist Tom Cesario recently dropped off a fossil that’s of historic significance to Oswego. It’s hardly found anywhere else and it was named after the village in 1877. It's called Tentaculites Oswegoensis.

"This small marine creature really lived around the banks of the Waubonsie Creek in Oswego. It’s a small creature about an inch long. They’re not sure if it’s a mollusk or a hard-shelled worm,” DeSanto said.

Cesario found the fossil several months ago as digging work began for a new development where Waubonsie Creek and Fox River meet. This is where the village was founded.

"He knew when they were doing excavation for that building that there would be some areas of the earth’s surface that are not normally seen," DiSanto said.

The village administrator says the find took everyone at village hall by surprise because no one there had known there had been a fossil named for the village.  

"We plan on taking it and putting it in our lobby on display with a history of the fossil,” he said.

DiSanto says Cesario also found another "more significant, more rare fossil" that Cesario plans to keep for himself.