Matt Forte Shares Thoughts On Bears' Running Game, Nagy's Coaching

Shannon Blum
October 22, 2019 - 2:31 pm

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- The New Orleans Saints dominated both sides of the ball in a convincing win Sunday over the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field.

Teddy Bridgewater threw for 281 yards and two touchdowns, and the Saints improved to 5-0 without their injured star quarterback, Drew Bees, by beating the Chicago Bears 36-25 on Sunday.

The Chicago Bears (3-3) lost their second straight, with Mitchell Trubisky struggling after missing a game because of a shoulder injury. The team was hoping he would build on a solid showing in Week 3 against Washington, when he threw for three touchdowns. Instead, he was erratic, made poor decisions and heard it from the crowd.

Trubisky finished 34 of 54 with 251 yards and two late touchdowns in his first appearance since he was hurt early against Minnesota on Sept. 29. He said his shoulder was fine, but the offense sure is not.

The run game was once again an afterthought, with Chicago setting a franchise low with seven carries. And the 17 yards rushing were by far the fewest this season.

About all the fans had to cheer for was a 102-yard kickoff return by Cordarrelle Patterson in the first quarter that matched the second-longest in franchise history.

But after losing at Oakland in London two weeks ago, it was another rough outing for the Bears. They gave up a season-high 424 yards while being held to 252 and managed just four first downs through the first three quarters. It added up to their fifth straight loss to the Saints, and a 1-2 record at Soldier Field this season.

WBBM Newsradio caught up with former Bears running back Matt Forte on Tuesday and talked to him about the team's running game, and what he thinks about coach Matt Nagy's work this season and if the team has a chance to make it to the playoffs.

WBBM: What was your reaction to the Bears running game during Sunday’s game against the Saints?

“It was non-existent. There was no running game, so Coach Nagy, if you are watching this or if you are listening, you need to run the ball buddy,” Forte said. “You need to run the ball, man. You can’t run the ball seven times a game and think that you are going to win. It’s a huge cliché, even when I was playing, in that it’s a passing league; but the best teams that go deep into the playoffs and that win Super Bowls, they have a compliment running game. And that does not mean you run it 10 times or 12 times, 15 times, you got to keep running the ball, even when it doesn’t work in the beginning. It may not work – I’ve been in games where for three quarters, we’ve ran the ball 20 times and we may have 40 yards, and then you keep pounding away and then you break a long one.

“The running game is like a boxing match, a heavy-weight boxing match. Every shot that you throw is not going to be a haymaker. You are not going to connect on every shot, but you keep chipping away, eventually you get that knockout blow, so run the ball!”

WBBM: What have you thought of coach Matt Nagy's work this season? How do you think you would fit into his coaching, if you were playing?

“If I was playing in Coach Nagy’s offense, I think I would fit really well, because obviously he has a unique and a dynamic passing game, which is what I love to do – outside of running the ball, is to catch the ball out of the backfield. He does a lot of not trick plays, but he tries to confuse the defense with formations and different things like that, so I think that’s really cool. I would love to be in his offense," Forte said.

“To answer the first question, they are finding out a lot about themselves. Sometimes this is the best part about the NFL, because anybody can kind of come in one year and have a good year or have a good season. The key, when you separate yourself from being just good to great is when teams know what you are, they know what you do, and they game plan against you to stop you, but you still are successful. So they are figuring that out right now the hard way, but anytime you need to create some growth in yourself or in the team, you are going to go through adversity and you are going to go through hard times, so they should embrace this moment right now where they are struggling and use that as fuel to go forward. And they are not out of it, they are only 3-3, so they still have a lot of season left.”

WBBM: Do you still have any hope that the Bears can make the playoffs this season?

“They definitely have a chance. I remember when we went to the NFC championship in 2010, we started off the season terrible. We weren’t even running the ball really until the eighth week of the season, which was after the bye week. Sometimes it takes six, seven, eight weeks to get your identity as an offense, but you got to realize, do your self-scout, and realize what you guys are not doing well, and then try to figure out everything you do well, and do those the most. And eliminating the mistakes and the turnovers is key. You could do all the coaching and all the planning and game planning that you want, but if you got turnovers, fumbles, and interceptions, it’s not going to work," Forte said.