Made In Chicago: Second Act

Jennifer Keiper
November 11, 2019 - 8:09 am
Second Act Owner Pattie Cagney Sheehan

WBBM Newsradio/Jennifer Keiper

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- On Chicago's North Side, "We call ourselves a cancer recovery boutique, but we are primarily mastectomy," said Pattie Cagney Sheehan.

"Second Act" primarily provides breast prostheses breast forms, pocketed mastectomy bras, as well as wigs and compression garments.

Owner Pattie Cagney Sheehan said she has been doing this since 2008.

"It's my own independent business. I ran it by myself up until 2017 and then Jennifer Pritzker came in as my partner and with her financial backing I was able then to add an employee last year and move into this new space," Cagney Sheehan said.

This is the store's third location on Lincoln Avenue.

"I started in a room that was literally 8x10," Cagney Sheehan said. 

Now, she has 2,500 square feet, and "There is nobody else in the city doing this. There are some in the far suburbs - McHenry, Willowbrook," Cagney Sheehan said.

Second Act
WBBM Newsradio/Jennifer Keiper

While she has an older clientele, Cagney Sheehan said, "As women age, the likelihood of breast cancer increases, unfortunately, I'm seeing more and more younger women, but the younger women tend to get reconstruction whereas the older women are unlikely to want additional surgeries."

Cagney Sheehan said her clients need approximately six new bras a year.

Second Act
WBBM Newsradio/Jennifer Keiper

"For women who are accustomed just to wearing a regular bra, they don't worry about it wearing out, but a prosthesis is not attached to your body. So, the bra has to be new enough and in good enough shape that it's holding everything in place where it belongs so it's not putting pressure on your back and your shoulders," Cagney Sheehan said.

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