Made In Chicago: Muirwood Reclamations

Julie Mann
August 27, 2018 - 7:09 am

WBBM Newsradio/Julie Mann


CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- A suburban couple with a passion for re-purposing vintage material and objects has created a crafty home accessory company.   

Meet Scott and Kristin Fischer of suburban Glen Ellyn and their company Muirwood Reclamations. The company got its start after Kristin Fischer needed a table for their Florida home, where her husband Scott was stationed with the Coast Guard.  

"Scott went down to the local lumber store, he found a big piece of barn wood that happened to be from Chicago," Fischer said. "He whipped up some pipe legs and we had a pub table."   

The next find was a couple of old railroad spikes that Scott Fischer turned into bottle openers. The couple said their ideas for their modern industrial housewares have been endless. Wine stoppers and racks, cork screws, a collection of accessories made from concrete and tap handles made from old railroad spikes.   

"We have a lot of breweries that are so interested and those are flying off the shelf, so Scott is out there drilling and tapping," Kristin Fischer said. 

The couple works out of their garage. 

WBBM Newsradio/Julie Mann

And what Muirwood Reclamations finds dictates what they make; "We end up at a reclaimed warehouse or a 'before they demo sale' and we'll see a door and we're like...oh that could put a little bench here," Scott Fischer said.

Some of their creations are one of a kind as the material they are re-purposing runs out. 

"Some of the reclaimed things we keep at just one, and its pretty cool," Kristin Fischer said. 

Other items they've collected since starting their company they wished they would have bought more of. 

"We found these beautiful porcelain knobs that said hot and cold on them.  I only got two and I made corkscrews," Kristin Fischer said. "They left as a pair, which made me happy because they had been together for so long and someone was really thankful to have them.  But we've never recreated those."

"It's always been a surprise how popular our products have been just because it started as such a hobby and now it's really come full circle and allowed us to do things that couldn't without it," Scott Fischer said.

Muirwood Reclamations can be found in several boutique stores or online at