Kane County Sheriff To Launch Database To Track Revoked FOID Cards

The plans sped up following the shooting spree in Aurora.

Jim Gudas
February 19, 2019 - 12:31 pm

Kreangkrai Indarodom | Dreamstime.com


CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Following last Friday's deadly shooting spree in Aurora, the Kane County Sheriff is stepping up efforts to track down people whose state firearms identification cards have been revoked. 

Kane County Sheriff Ron Hain said he promised this as part of his campaign for Kane County Sheriff, but Friday's shootings at the Henry Pratt plant led him to implement the program faster. Hain said he plans to have the database in place by the beginning of next month listing people in unincorporated areas of the county who have had their FOID cards revoked and have been asked by state police to turn over their weapons.

"If we have not heard anything within 15-30 days after the receipt of the letter from the state police, they will get a letter from us, in the mail, stating that we are aware of the revocation and providing them with information on how to comply," he said. 

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Investigators said Gary Martin, the man identified as the gunman who killed five people at the Henry Pratt plant before he was killed in a shoot out with police, had his Illinois FOID card revoked in 2014 after police learned he was convicted of a felony in Mississippi in 1995.