Kane County Sees Lowest Voter Turnout In Years

Andy Dahn
April 03, 2019 - 1:15 pm



CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Voter turnout in Tuesday's election was the lowest Kane County election officials have seen in recent years. Now, they're desperately searching for a solution.

Kane County Clerk Jack Cunningham said there are a few different ways to look at the consolidated election.

"It was successful as far as the implementation," he said. "It was unsuccessful if you use the number of voters as being the criteria for a positive election."

Less than 10-percent of registered voters took to the polls, which Cunningham called disappointing, but not surprising.

"These elections aren't as exciting," Cunningham said. "In the Governor's race, there's more money spent, national TV and advertising. That seems to motivate people to get out. It's just very sad that the people don't come out and vote in these elections that affect their tax bills."

His focus now shifts to getting more residents out to vote, but he said the county can't do it alone.

"A lot of the responsibility rests on the candidates. The only thing we try to do is make voting as accessible as we can. We had 22 early voting sites, grace period voting and we have a tremendous voter outreach program."

On a more positive note, Cunningham said early voting numbers were higher than recent elections.