Kalamazoo Woman Takes To Social Media After Claiming She Received Botched Eyebrow Microblading Work

Mike Krauser
January 18, 2020 - 4:18 pm

(Courtesy Shannon Hard Bozel)


KALAMAZOO, Mich. (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- A Kalamazoo, Michigan woman took to social media to express her frustrations about a botched eyebrow tattoo job and the artist who did the work says she’s welcome to come back and have them fixed — but she won't issue a refund.

In October, Shannon Hard Bozell decided to try microblading for the first time, a semi-permanent tattoo technique used to create the illusion of fuller brows.

But after a botched job that left her with eyebrows much thicker than she desired, Bozell said she's been hiding out for fear of people seeing the "BIGGEST ugliest eyebrows in Kalamazoo," she wrote on Facebook

When she went back to Anne Hicks, microblading artist at Merle Norman salon and asked for a refund, she was told that wasn't possible but that the artist could lighten up her brows. Bozell said on Facebook that this made her feel and look better until she went home and noticed two large blisters under her eyebrows. That's when she decided she wanted a refund.

"Three days after this nightmare began I returned to this salon so the artist could “scrape” some of the color off and reshape them! That’s when my eyebrows got infected and blistered real bad," Bozell wrote. 

Shannon Hard Bozell said she got blisters after going back to the salon to fix her eyebrows. (Courtesy Shannon Hard Bozell)

Although she said she researched the artist, looked at her portfolio and thought she would know what would be best, Bozell said she learned from her mistake of not researching the technique enough and not asking the artist enough questions.

She said she shared her story to encourage others to be cautious and do ample research before settling on something permanent like microblading. 

"I just wanted a refund, I think that was fair," she told WBBM. 

She said she is now getting them removed, another costly effort. The first microblading treatment cost $350. 

"It’s more money that I have to spend on myself that I absolutely did not want to do," she said. "I've made several attempts to get a refund from the artist, but she refuses. She wanted me to come back in for a third time and to be honest, I wasn’t letting that lady touch me again."

According to CBS 22 in Michigan, Hicks said she was not aware that the marks in the photos were blisters and couldn’t verify whether Bozell had properly cared for her brows following the both appointments.

“I stand by the work that I did when she left, and I stand behind the fact that I told her in detail what the process could be and what the process was,” Hicks told CBS.

Bozell's Facebook post has been widely circulated and has received cries of outrage, support and advice from women all over the Midwest. Some say she should sue, while others took it upon themselves to reach out to Hicks. 

Bozell told WBBM she is researching legal action and said she has received support from her community and beyond.

"I’ve had some very generous people reach out to me with free removal proposals," she said.