At Issue: The Future Of The New City Council

Craig Dellimore
April 12, 2019 - 4:26 pm

Craig Dellimore


CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- The Chicago City Council will have about a dozen new aldermen among the 50 after all the counting — and maybe recounting — is complete. And both new and veteran council members are considering what the new council will be like.

In a surprise in February, North Side activist Maria Hadden easily defeated 49th ward alderman Joe Moore with a more progressive agenda. And she admits, expectations for her are high. Hadden believes people in the 49th ward voted for her instead of incumbent Moore because they trust that she will do right by them.

Hadden said she is "managing those expectations" the same was she did on the campaign: by being open and bringing her constituents along for her learning curve.

15th ward alderman Raymond Lopez, who has won a second term, said it takes a while before a new alderman can make real differences. He added that new aldermen especially must meet expectations because there is so much emotion tied up there. He said aldermen must turn emotions into passion and then action.

Nearly a quarter of the Chicago City Council will be comprised of new faces after next month’s swearing in, and with a new mayor, that could mean some big changes for how City Government runs. 

Most of the new faces on the City Council will be from the Progressive side of the Ledger.  But, Longtime West Side Alderman Walter Burnett says delivering for the residents will require a lot of learning and work.  

Burnett, Hadden and Lopez all say they expect the new aldermen to spend time building relationships on the Council and in city government. They also believe the Council is ready to work with incoming mayor Lightfoot. But there are still going to be some differences as the aldermen try to reorganize themselves with input from the new chief executive. 

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