'iMagician' Magic Show Will Make U.S. Debut In Chicago

Lisa Fielding
October 06, 2018 - 1:00 pm
Magician Jamie Allan performs during his 'iMagician' show.

Provided/Broadway In Chicago


CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- You could say Jamie Allan has show business in his blood.

"My parents were in show business. My mom was a singer, my dad a songwriter," he said. "My aunties were tape dancers, my uncle was a comedian, my grandmother was a singer as well." 

"When my parents retired, they bought a pub and built a little theater. When I was 5, I saw a magician there and it changed my life."

His first show was at 8 and, from there, he was hooked.

"I borrowed somebody's 10-pound note which was a lot of money. I put it in an envelope and burned it, and in the end, they would open up and the note was still there but I didn't do what I was supposed to do and I ended up burning the 10 pound note for real," he laughed. 

Allan started working professionally when he was 16.

 "My first love was levitation, because that was the trick I saw when I was 5," he said. "'Wow,' I said to my dad, 'How on earth is that possible?' And my dad immediately told me how it worked."

But he's not your typical showman. He calls himself the "iMagician" because he uses classical magic with cutting edge technology.

"I've always been an Apple fan. I was a big Steve Jobs fan. Technology is magical. When Steve Jobs first brought out the iPad, it was magical. If you remember the first time that you touched a touch screen, wasn't it incredible? We all take it for granted now but it's actually like pressing magic with your hands." he said. "I had to design a trick. One of my first successful tech tricks was one I called "Digital Art" that was four iPads that worked in harmony."

Jamie Allan will debut his 'iMagician' show in Chicago this holiday season
WBBM Newsradio/Jamie Allan

 After touring the U.K for three years, he's debuting in America for the first time in Chicago.

"I've performed for many Americans on Royal Caribbean cruises but this is the first time our production is on land in the United States," Allan said. "iMagician coming to Chicago will be the best ever. It's going to be the best of all of our shows from England. So we're picking from 3-4 years of touring shows."

Allan said audiences will see a unique theatrical experience, using high powered laser beams, digital tablets and social media.

"We're the only theater show in the world that is a technology and magic show," he said.

Allan said his show is about performing and designing modern illusions with iPads, holograms, laser beams, Facebook and Twitter.

"It's like a ballet, the magic. It's beautiful. Not once do you go, 'How is he doing that?' You just think it looks beautiful and magical and it makes you feel real magic. I believe in sharing the joy in it."  he said. "We were just trying to create wonder and magic. We never set out to design a technology magic show, we just sort of have."

Jamie Allan will debut his 'iMagician' show in Chicago this holiday season
Provided/Broadway In Chicago

Allan said Harry Houdini is his idol and he incorporates some of Houdini's most dangerous illusions while incorporating modern technology, such as combining immersive video mapping technology with a underwater escape.

 "My magic isn't really about fooling people," he said. "Sure, people like that they don't understand how it works, but that's not what it's all about. I think magic is about recreating that sense of wonder when you were a child. That's what we try to do. That feeling of being a kid again."

 The iMagician will be at Chicago's Harris Theater Dec. 22 through Jan. 6.

 Individual tickets for iMagician are now on sale. Ticket prices range from $49.99 - $159.99.  To purchase tickets, click here.