How To Help The Music Box Theatre While Watching Cat Videos

WBBM Newsradio Staff
April 08, 2020 - 8:58 pm
Cat Video 3-D

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CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — Feline down? Tired of taking cat naps while stuck at home? 

Filmmaker Will Braden has created a greatest-hits compilation of his popular Cat Video Fest road show that made the rounds at independent movie houses before the COVID-19 pandemic shut cinemas down. 

The 45-minute Best of Cat Video Fest: Creature Comforts Edition will be available to watch online beginning Friday. It’s part of a fundraising effort to assist cinemas like Chicago’s Music Box Theatre that previously hosted the cat-clip festivals.

A viewing costs as little as 99 cents, but donors can kick in more, if they wish.

“We absolutely would not exist without the independent theater community,” the Seattle-based Braden said in explaining the effort. 

A major claim to fame for Cat Video Fest, which shared proceeds with cat shelters, had been its communal quality: Cat lovers sat in a crowded screening room to enjoy the wacky videos together. The online offering turns that concept on its head, obviously.

“It’s surreal to think about,” Braden says. “Cats are a real-life experience, and videos of cats became an online experience. And then Cat Video Fest became an offline, real-life experience to celebrate the online experience of cat videos.

“And now, people are watching it back in their homes to simulate the real-life experience of Cat Video Fest in the theater. There’s a lot of crazy levels to it.”

Braden says the curated program, which includes fresh content as well as previously presented material, will offer a break from everyone’s lockdown experience. 

“We are definitely are looking forward to when all of this passes to be able to go back to the normal experience back in the Music Box," he said. "But for now, this is just a little snack to tide people over.”