Hit-And-Run Driver Returns To Scene For Key Item, Nearly Runs Over Victim’s Father

Mike Krauser
November 12, 2019 - 12:13 pm

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CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- It appears that it will just be a matter of time before police catch up with a hit-and-run driver, who returned to the scene of a crash on Sunday after leaving his license plate behind. 

The hit and run crash happened at the busy intersection of 18th Street and Ashland Avenue in the Pilsen neighborhood. CBS 2 reports a surveillance camera captured the crash, showing a red Honda Accord t-boning an SUV driven by Christopher Reyes.

“The car hit me. I was like, ah – I was shook,” Reyes said. “I couldn’t get out because the airbags were so big in the car, so I had to wait until the airbags were just deflated."

And while Reyes was stuck in his vehicle, the driver of the other vehicle drove off.

“I was like, this guy really doesn’t care about anybody, you know?” Reyes said. “I was just thinking, how could he do that somebody and leave?”

Once Reyes was able to get out of his vehicle, video footage shows him picking up something that was left behind in the street - the other driver's license plate, which was left behind after the driver took off. 

“How can you just leave your license plate?” Reyes said. “Now we know where to find you.”

Police responded to the scene of the crash, along with Reyes’ family.

“My brother and my dad came to the scene,” Reyes said.

While police surveyed the damage, the driver returned...

“My dad told me the guy circled back after 10 minutes, came back to this parking lot, was just sitting observing the damages to my car,” Reyes said.

Reyes figured he came back to get his license plate, so his father confronted the other driver, who was in an alley. That is when things escalted.

Reyes said it was then that the other driver tried to run his father over, before taking off again.

“He made everything even worse now, because he tried hitting my father in the alley,” Reyes said.

The cameras did not catch the second incident, but Reyes believes the man intentionally tried running his father over. 

Police do have the plate, but no arrests have been made.