Gun That Killed Chicago Police Commander Came From Outside Illinois: Source

Steve Miller
February 27, 2018 - 4:51 pm

Chicago Police


CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- The gun used to kill Chicago Police Comdr. Paul Bauer came into the city from out of state, WBBM Newsradio has learned.

Chicago is often cited by critics of gun control who question the effectiveness of relatively tough gun laws here, given the murder rate here.

The Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence has said 60 percent of all the guns used in crimes in Chicago come from outside Illinois.

And in fact, a source tells WBBM that the 9-millimeter handgun used to kill Bauer two weeks ago came from outside the state.

But Mayor Emanuel says even if most guns used in Chicago crimes come from elsewhere, that's no reason for Springfield to neglect tougher gun control.

"You don't sit there in politics and public life and public safety and say the bigger problem is the 60 percent outside the state, so we're not going to do anything about the 40 percent."

Mayor Emanuel says Illinois needs the resources to help stop the flow of guns from surrounding states.