Ofman: Hawk Harrelson Will End Career In White Sox Broadcast Booth

George Ofman
March 26, 2018 - 7:22 am

Photo courtesy of the Chicago White Sox

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- He has been part of the Chicago sports landscape for over 30 years. “Hawk” Harrelson will spend one more season in the White Sox broadcast booth, then call it a career - a career that has spanned seven decades including his playing days.
“I’m sure my last game on Sept. 23 at our place (against the Cubs) will be very emotional for me,” Harrelson told WBBM Newsradio's George Ofman during a lengthy interview. Part one of that interview can be heard here.

Hawk Harrelson has his admirers and detractors. To call him colorful and controversial would be an understatement. He has lambasted Wrigley Field calling it the worst broadcast situation in baseball and the visiting clubhouse the worst along with the Boston Red Sox.

“I’ll never step foot in Wrigley Field,” he exclaimed emphatically. He refuses to call a game from the North Side park. And his anger toward umpires is legendary. That can be heard in part two on Tuesday.

But Harrelson has manufactured some of the most renown catch phrases affectionately known as “Hawkisms.” 

“Most of them don’t come from baseball,” said Harrelson from his home in Orlando, Florida.

His homerun call: “You can out it on the board…Yes,” came from golf.  And there are so many more such as, 'he gone,' 'can of corn,' 'right shape wrong size,' 'grab some bench,' etc.

Photo courtesy of the Chicago White Sox

Harrelson has had numerous highlights during his long and illustrious career.

“My first highlight is obviously the ’05 season. And we all saw something we’ll never see again: four consecutive complete games!”

It happened during the ALCS versus Anaheim.  But there’s no doubt what Harrelson’s individual highlight is.

“Without question my all-time favorite highlight was Mark Buehlre’s perfect game,” he said.

It took place on July 23, 2009.

Ofman has known Harrelson since he arrived on the South Side in 1982.

“He is one of the most unique characters I’ve ever come across,” Ofman said.

Listen as the two discuss his final season, some of his greatest highlights and the impact Ozzie Guillen had on the team. Part two follows on Tuesday.

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