50 Years Of WBBM Newsradio Sports Reporters: Rich King

Rick Gregg
May 03, 2018 - 9:11 am

WGN/Robert Feder

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- In honor of WBBM Newsradio's 50th anniversary, some of WBBM Newradio's sportscasters, past and present, have shared their Newsradio memories.

WBBM Newsradio's Rick Gregg spoke with Rich King to look back at his career with the station. 

King was with WBBM Newsradio for 24 years.

"I started in 1970, left full time in '87; however, I had a talk show...last aired in '94, which aired on weekends, so 24 years," King said. 

"I was a newsman for seven years. Then I was a writer and producer for two years at the desk and then John hired me as Assistant News Director and Managing Editor for four years," King said. "It was a job, but it was such a lovely, such an exciting job, and now that I'm retired and looking back, it is even more exciting."

So what did radio reporters use in the 1970's?

"For remotes, we kind of had a walkie-talkie...went on the air live with that sometimes. And obviously phones were everywhere, so we used the phone a lot," King said.

"It was a great era. You talk about hard news, that was it back then and we rolled with it. And back then, of course money was more free and we...sent guys everywhere...it was a great time. I look back at it and I was lucky to be there...There was no better place to be as a broadcast journalist than CBS Radio back then...It was great memories for me," he continued.

Gregg: What brought you over to sports?

"I always wanted to be a sportscaster and the fact, Brent Musburger was there at the time in radio, I began to gopher for him. I would get copy for him...and tape for him to play on the air. I was initially a newsman and then I talked John into doing weekend sports job and I began weekend sports and did that for a couple of years, in addition to my job working seven days a week, as a labor of love. And that's how I got into sports and then in 1977...I talked my way into a full-time sports job," King said.

"Looking back, I was the luckiest guy on the face of the Earth."