Engineer Students Receive Up-Close Look At CTA 95th Street Red Line Construction Project

Paschen Scholars are able to see different types of engineering careers.

Mike Krauser
November 27, 2018 - 12:22 pm

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Students who are part of a special engineering program at Westinghouse College Prep got an up close look Tuesday at a unique construction project. 

The students are in the Paschen Scholars program, a partnership with FH Paschen Construction. 

Westinghouse counselor Ryan Kinney said it gives them a leg up. 

"These students really get to test-run these different types of careers, specifically in engineering, to see if, hey, is this something for me," Kinney said.

He said the 3-year program is highly competitive. 

"It requires outstanding mathematics accomplishment, as well as high GPA and an interest in engineering," Kinney said.  

Michael Baggett, a student, said the program "is awesome.

“I think the Paschen program is a great program to be a part of because it allows us to get a foot in the door to really know what our future career is." 

FH Paschen Construction Vice President Matt Moss said, “to have them come out and see progress is important so that they see what Paschen does and what’s supporting the Paschen Scholars program.” 

The students, he said, get a chance to talk with engineers on the site. 

"Fifty years from now when these students are retiring from their lucrative engineering jobs they’re going to be able to show their grandchildren, ‘see that ribbon-cutting?’ I was there," Kinney said.

Another student, Ramon Quinto, said he already has an engineering scholarship.  

“Thanks to Paschen I’ve been able to realize I want to be an engineer and thanks to them, all the opportunities they’ve given us, I know what type of engineer and that would be electrical or materials.”  

Matt Moss said a challenge here is getting the work done while the trains and busses keep operating. 

“Its non-stop with train activity, with bus activity, working on the median of the Dan Ryan Expressway," he said.

They have been working 24-hours a day, seven days a week to finish the renovation project.