Empire Carpet Boss Agrees: The Jingle Is Golden

Noon Business Hour
July 13, 2018 - 5:32 pm

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Most Chicagoans are probably familiar with their well-known jingle, but it may surprise many that Empire Today is now in more than 75 markets across the U.S. and their product line goes well beyond carpet. 

Empire Today CEO Keith Weinberger joined the WBBM Noon Business Hour Friday to discuss new innovations in carpeting, the company's national footprint – and, of course, its TV jingle and late iconic spokesman.

"We have Empire shirts that I wear often when I travel and go to our markets around the country,” Empire Today CEO Keith Weinberger said. “I was actually on a Southwest flight and the stewardess saw my shirt and had the plane sing me to my seat, because everyone knew the logo.”

The iconic Empire Carpet -- now known as Empire Today -- pitchman. (courtesy: Empire Today)

He added: “It's very powerful, and it’s something that we are really excited to have and we are proud of the service we offer."

He adds that Empire Today actually has a shrine to their late spokesman, Elmer Lynn Hauldren – aka the Empire Guy. He lives on in cartoon form to continue to promote the company.