Dog Daycare Opens Its Doors To Homeless And Their Pets

Mike Krauser
January 31, 2019 - 11:10 am

Aeslin Pup Hub/Facebook


CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- A dog daycare in the Bucktown neighborhood has become a shelter for homeless people with dogs and is trying to spread the word that it is an option for those who are on the streets in the bitter cold.   

Leah Bindig owns Aeslin Pup Hub with three locations in Bucktown, Noble Square and Ukranian Village. 

She has extra space in the Bucktown location, at 1904 North Milwaukee Avenue, so she decided to open it to the homeless and their dogs. Bindig said she made that decision after hearing that the homeless shelters won’t allow pets. 

Her voice was breaking as she said, “I just can’t handle the thought of that.  It’s not ok, you know, the thought of someone maybe even perishing with the source that’s keeping them alive, which is their dog.  Sometimes these people, that’s their only link to living and when they’re turned away from somewhere that can keep them warm and alive it’s just too much.” 

She said she’ll take in anyone, pets or no pets.

“Nobody should be sleeping outside,” Bindig said. 

When she announced on her Facebook page that she was doing this, she said she was inundated with offers of help.  

Bindig has received thousands of dollars in donations, clothing and food for dogs and humans.  

“We have two vets that have agreed to provide vaccines and check-ups to these dogs. I mean, the outpouring of giving is overwhelming," she said.

Bindig said police officers are letting homeless people with pets know about her place.  And she's inviting anyone she sees on the street.    

She's accepting donations at each of the Aeslin Pup Hub locations.  

Bindig is extending the offer through Saturday, when it's going to warm up.