Disc Golf Tournament Split Over 2 Days To Combat COVID-19 Spread

Jennifer Keiper
July 12, 2020 - 2:23 pm

LOCKPORT, ILL. (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- A rainbow of frisbees was neatly stacked in backpacks and rolling bags at The Canyons Disc Golf Course in Lockport. 

There were concerns that the 38th Illinois State Disc Golf Championships might not take place due to the coronavirus pandemic but it has been made into a two-day tournament with various precautions taken in this age of COVID-19.

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“The way that we’ve formatted our tournaments lately is utilizing tee times every eight to ten minutes with only four people on a card so we’re not gathering in large groups and doing shotgun starts where we’ve got 150 guys standing around,” said Sean Callahan, assistant tournament director of the Illinois State Disc Golf Championships. 

Callahan continued, saying, “It’s four guys every eight to ten minutes. So, it works out really well and we’re abiding by all of the social distancing rules and laws.”

Tournament player Nick Kaminski told WBBM, “It’s one of the few things that got us through the pandemic is we were still able to social distance doing this and safely. So, it’s definitely helped out.  I think half of us would have gone crazy without it.”

Kaminski said he plays disc golf because it’s cheaper than traditional golf.  


“I play ball golf and I wish I could play it more but no one’s got $50.00 to go out every single day like you want to and you can go out to almost any course and even if it’s pay to play it’s $3 or $4 and usually all the money goes to the course anyway.  So, it’s a lot nicer than golf,” Kaminiski said.

The tournament organizers made sure hand sanitizer was available and some players chose to wear a mask.