Difference Maker: Clarity Through Charity

Lisa Fielding
July 07, 2020 - 1:42 pm
Clarity Through Charity

Clarity Through Charity


CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- For millions of Americans, life as we knew it changed in mid-March.

"With all the uncertainty, with the virus, it can't help but cause us more anxiety, right?" said Dr. Pavan Prasad, founder of Chicago’s Clarity Clinic.

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Whether it is illness, job loss, or death of a loved one, the need of mental health services is more important than ever.

"You know this is like uncharted water for most people. We have had pandemics before, but on this scale, it has never affected our personal lives to this extent," Dr. Prasad.

Dr. Pavan Prasad, founder of Chicago’s Clarity Clinic, said normally they see about 600 people a day at its five locations. The Chicagoland clinic recognizes the dire need for mental health services - especially now in these times.

"We are lucky enough to be able to switch to telehealth, so most of the appointments are being done through Zoom," he said.

Dr. Prasad said he soon realized that people who need the most help, might not have the access or the money to afford it.

“To say the need is great is an overwhelming understatement," Dr. Prasad said. “Before the pandemic hit, the mental health crisis in our country was explicitly high, now it has fallen off a cliff. People need help and sadly, many simply cannot afford it."

That is where Clarity Through Charity comes in. As a result, Dr. Prasad has donated $35,000 in mental health services to bridge the gap. Clarity Clinic will cover the cost of $35,000 worth of mental health services through the end of the year. The services will be provided to those who could not otherwise afford it and/or do not have mental health services offered through their employer.

"People may not have health insurance, or they may not be able to afford their care, unfortunately; and often times, even with greater access to healthcare...it is still very challenging to access mental health care. There is a huge shortage," he said.

Dr. Prasad hopes other private practices to the same.

"I feel very fortunate to be able to contribute that," he said. “I hope by forming Clarity Through Charity, it brings light to the real need of mental health reform in our country. I urge other private practices to step up where they can, donate your time and your services, especially right now."

According to a policy brief given to the United Nations, the World Health Organization recently noted the urgent need to invest in mental health services or risk a massive onslaught in mental health conditions in the coming months.

“We are still in unknown territory when it comes to COVID-19, every day you turn on the news and it seems as if there is another cataclysmic event. With each 'disaster' comes more psychological fallout. But at the end of the day we want people to know they are not alone. We are all in this together, we want to help. As Mister Rogers once so famously said, look for the helpers, you will always find people who are helping,” Dr. Prasad said.

Applications for free mental health services are now being accepted. For more information on Clarity Through Charity or to apply, visit the website.