Father Appeals To Pritzker About Inmate's Deteriorating Health

Steve Miller
December 02, 2019 - 7:04 pm

Thomas J. Franzen | Kane County state's attorney's office


(WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- The father of a 37-year-old man is desperate because his son has cancer and is getting sicker as he serves out a 4-year prison sentence at Stateville. 

Mike Franzen is making an appeal to Gov. Pritzker to commute his son's sentence so he can get more medical treatment.

The crime: possession of 42 pounds of THC-infused chocolate.

Prosecutors in Kane County have said 37-year-old Tom Franzen surely intended to sell a good part of it.

Franzen's father says that's not true: "I trust my son. He's not a drug dealer."

Mike Franzen said his son has had several forms of cancer, starting with testicular cancer when he was in high school. Now, the elder Franzen says, his son is dealing with renal cancer.

Mike Franzen says the cannabis has helped relieve his son's symptoms. He's hoping Pritzker will allow his son to have medical treatment at home.

"I'm just hoping for some mercy."

Tom Franzen has been in prison for six months. He's not due for parole until June 2021.