Chicago Teachers Union Takes Issue With Mayor's Comments On Contract Negotiations

Mike Krauser
October 16, 2019 - 11:47 am
CTU Vice President Stacy Davis Gates

WBBM Newsradio


CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- The Chicago Teachers Union said don't believe everything you hear from City Hall.

The Chicago Teachers Union is taking issue with comments made by the Mayor on Wednesday morning when she canceled classes Thursday, in anticipation of a teachers' strike. 

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CTU Vice President Stacy Davis Gates went on the attack after the Mayor said the city has "bent over backwards" to meet the union's demands. She suggested the Mayor is being misleading, at best.

"At least we should have the truth. One of the things that undergirds this process is integrity and to say that you have offered a proposal that respects what we are asking for, to say that you have bent over backwards, and its the same proposal. It's absolutely ridiculous."

She said the city's strategy to take back everything the Union has won in previous contracts and to offer it back to the Union, often in smaller percentages.

"Their strategy is to take back everything that we have already won in previous contracts and offer it back to us with percentages. Not with what we have already, not with what our students deserve or what we are demanding, but the same thing or less. That's the problem here. There is a gross disconnection between what she says, and what's on the table.

She got a little personal, as well.

"If she cannot land a deal with teachers for public schools in Chicago, then you have to question her ability to get work done in this city," Davis Gates said.

Both sides are still talking ahead of a vote Wednesday afternoon on an expected strike by the Chicago Teachers Union.

Listen to the full response from CTU Vice President Stacy Davis Gates below.