Couple Adopts Dog With Terminal Cancer, Creates Bucket List For Him To Live Out His Days

Nancy Harty
February 17, 2020 - 2:06 pm
Marley, a pit bull with terminal cancer

Marleysmiles_ via Facebook


CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- A pit bull with terminal cancer is making his way through a bucket list with his new owners near Kankakee. 

Jordan Chapman and her wife adopted Marley about a week and a half ago from the Michiana Humane Society, where they estimated he has about six months to live. 

Chapman, who runs the Kankankee County Humane Foundation, said they came up with the list as a way to give Marley everyday experiences that other dogs have. Some items on the list are pretty simple, but Chapman said that is the point. 

"We are just trying to do as much as we can while he is feeling as good as he is," she said.

She said despite the cancer diagnosis, Marley has a lot of energy.

"He is super sweet, don't get me wrong, but he is nuts," Chapman laughed. "He acts like a puppy. He will run around and play."

Happy Monday! Yesterday, my moms tried to crate me and sneak out for lunch and to get me a few more things.. LOL, what a joke that was! They shut the door and I was quiet for a minute and then thought, bet if I bark they come back! So I started with a tiny whisper of a ‘woof’ and then whispered a new more tiny ‘woofs’ and then guess what- those suckers walked right back in!! Ha! They said ‘okay okay, come on Bud’ and so I got to go with! Their hearts were set on Olive Garden for lunch, but since I crashed that party, they had BK so I could get my burger. Today, I’m home with one mom while the other is at work! We did run out to get me a few more shirts- it’s really dang hard to find an XL or XXL around here for a doggo! I have to make sure I have a shirt on because when I don’t, I like to roll all over and my sores break open. I’m still working on adding to my closet, but my moms have gotten me some awesome shirts so far! Today I experienced the delicacy of a puppachino at @starbucks! WOW, IT TASTED DELICIOUS, 10/10 would recommend that every doggo get one! This afternoon I will be meeting my new doctor- Dr. Benson at @vca in Kankakee. I am excited to meet her and all the other friends there! My mom is a little nervous but also anxious to hear another opinion, but she promised me that they are going to take the very best care of me no matter what. I think that this family was meant to be mine all along- I follow them everywhere, if they get up to go to another room I am wiggly and restless until they’re both back in the room with me, and I love to lay on the shower rug when the bathroom is warm! Stay tuned to hear about how my doctor adventure goes this afternoon! Stay classy, San Diego! #dog #dogs #dogsofinstagram #rescue #rescuedog #adopt #adopted #adoption #adoptdontshop #pitbull #pit #pittie #brindle #marley #marleysmiles #marleythewonderdog #starbucks #pupcup #momdate #yum #vca #vetvisit #thegoodestboy #doglivesmatter

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Marley got to ride in a fire truck over the weekend in his adopted hometown of St. Anne and happily sat in the center console.

He's also eaten a hamburger and received his own Cubs t-shirt. 

Marley’s Bucket List Get adopted ✅ Watch a sunset Walk on the beach Visit Wrigley Field Eat a burger ✅ Ride on a boat Walk across a bridge ‼️Ride in a fire engine ✅‼️ Be a police dog for a day Meet someone famous Get my own Cubs shirt Go to a drive in movie Get a cupcake from Sprinkles Cupcakes Inspire someone to adopt a senior dog Ride topless with my family in our Jeep Visit a waterfall Have professional pictures taken Explore a creek Try an ice cream cone Win on a scratch off ticket Try a chicken nugget See the Bean Meet the Kankakee County State’s Attorney Visit my local Hospice office Receive postcards from all over the country Today was the day that I got to ride in a fire engine! I would like to say thank you to my grandpa who is a volunteer at the St. Anne Fire Protection District! He took me for the very best ride EVER! I love sitting super tall in the engine! Another ✅ on my bucket list! -- #dog #dogs #marley #marleysmiles #bucketlistmarley #bucketlist #fireenginedog #pitbull #pittie #StAnneFire #dogsofinstagram #dogsofinsta #rescue #rescued #adopt #adoption #adopted #firetruck #red #bigredtruck #gomarleygo #shelter #doglivesmatter @theellenshow @ellentube @pawsup @cubs @glennondoyle @marleysmiles_

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The Chapmans are chronicling his progress on Facebook and Instagram under the name Marley Smiles and he has about 4,000 followers. 

Among the items still on his list are a trip to Wrigley Field and to see the Bean.