Coronavirus Latest: Deep Cleanings, Market Plunges, Nervous Employees

Cisco Cotto
March 11, 2020 - 6:00 am
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(Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)


(WBBM NEWSRADIO) – It’s important for business owners to stay on top of the fluid coronavirus situation, a Chicago employment lawyer says.

“The situation is changing on a daily basis. What we were looking at in Chicago and Illinois last week is very different than the situation we’re looking at today. So, it’s important that employers are keeping up to date on the news and acting appropriately under the circumstances,” says Heather Becker, partner at Laner Muchin.

Employers face myriad challenges as the spread of coronavirus widens. Among the questions they may be forced to confront: Should they order employees who appear sick to go home? What should they do if an employee refuses to take a previously scheduled business trip, because of coronavirus fears? And so on.

“Employers are certainly balancing keeping the business running with protecting their employees. If they ignore their employees or keep everybody working, it’s going to be worse for the business in the long run. So, they really need to walk that tightrope,” Becker says.

She also advises business owners to make sure that systems allowing employees to work remotely are ready to go. 

Becker is among the guests weighing in on this week’s WBBM In Depth, the weekly podcast that takes a deep dive into a timely issue.