Comiskey Park Resurrected In 3-D Rendering

Rob Hart
May 07, 2020 - 7:21 pm
3 D Comiskey Park Rendering

3 D rendering of old Comiskey Park in Chicago. (courtesy: Brian Powers)


CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- This summer is the 30th anniversary of the final White Sox season at Comiskey Park.  The 80-year-old ballpark at 35th and Shields was demolished and replaced by what is now called Guaranteed Rate Field.

Several million fans walked through the gates of Comiskey to bask in the memories of the old ballpark before it disappeared.  

Brian Powers was one such baseball fan. He was an architecture student at the time, and he spent an afternoon in 1990 taking notes and drawing various features that were unique to the building.

He said he fell in love with the ballpark's design and the many layers of history embedded within.

That led to a three-decade journey of acquiring pictures, drawings and blueprints of Comiskey Park. Last year, he decided to consolidate all of his work into a 3-D rendering of Comiskey Park as it looked in 1990.  

The continuing project captures every element of the ballpark, from the seating area to the concourses and clubhouse.  It even includes digital recreations of places that were normally off-limits to fans, like the owner's office and the Bard's Room, a lounge for writers and VIPs.

Powers said his model will rekindle old memories, while giving younger people the opportunity to explore a building that may have been demolished before they were born.

"It's really given people an opportunity to see a side of the ballpark, even though it was around for so many years, really see it for the first time. At the same time, it can expose a whole new generation to it," Powers said.

He said he hopes to wrap up the Comiskey Project this summer. Ultimately, people could take a virtual-reality tour of the long-gone ballpark. 

He's posted pictures of the 3D model to his Twitter account. Since then, he said, he has received requests to model other ballparks.

"I have been getting requests from all over the country, 'How about Tiger Stadium or how about Yankee Stadium.'  As long as there's interest, I'd like to do more," Powers said.