Chicago's Iconic Tamale Guy Doing Deliveries — If You Can Track Him Down

Ariel Parrella-Aureli
March 28, 2020 - 6:23 pm
homemade tamales

(Getty Images)


CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Chicago's favorite tamale guy needs no introduction — he often wanders in bars and clubs late at night, ready to sell to hungry patrons who have been dancing or drinking the night away. 

But with restaurant and bar closures, the tamale guy — whose real name is Claudio Velez — has been testing out home delivery to stay in business and reach his fans all over the city. 

It all started when his cell phone number appeared to be circulating on social media earlier this week, reported Eater Chicago. Since then, Chicagoans have been trying to find Velez.

The only catch: getting your hands on the number is the mystery and what makes the delivery an adventure. Since his

People have taken to social media to ask the whereabouts the tamale guy and how to order. Velez, who is not online, has been elusive and difficult to track down. There is even a Twitter account to help find him, though it's not that spot on. Even so, people are asking @tamaletracker where Velez can be found, eager to get their hands on delicious, homemade tacos during the quarantine. 

Eater tested out the service but did not share any more details on how to track down the tamale guy. (He didn't want his number published because he wants to keep his business small, according to the article.) Velez did tell Eater that he's thinking of opening up a restaurant, considering how popular his meals are. 

More on that will have to come later when some form of normality comes back to Chicago. But for now, those looking for the tamale guy can keep digging on social media or ask a friend who might have the scoop. Word of mouth does travel fast.