Jim Gudas

Chicagoans Aren't Pleased About Memorial Day Weather — But Don't Let It Get You Down

May 24, 2019 - 4:36 pm

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- People along Michigan Avenue had a lot to say about the weather we're getting this Memorial Day weekend. WBBM's Jim Gudas spoke with people walking along the Magnificent Mile, who expressed their dismay at the lack of an enjoyable long weekend.

The clothing along Michigan Avenue ranged from shorts and t-shirts to jackets and occasionally umbrellas... but the mood among the people we spoke with was fairly consistent.

Some had plans to camp and leave the city for some outdoors, but the possible thunder and flash flood warning puts that fun activity practically down the drain.

People said the weather is disoucaging and the outdoor cafes with patios have empty seats, unlike yesterday's almost 80-degree weather. One man said he hopes this dreary weather means a nice, long summer.

One woman had a more nuetral attitude about the weather. 

"I do wish it was warmer, but this is Chicago — you just deal with it," she said. 

Jim Gudas/WBBM

Follow along here for weekend weather updates to help you better plan Memorial Day weekend. You might not be able to camp, but maybe you can go bowling, visit the Memorial Day parade, bike in between the rain clouds or enjoy some music at the Belmont-Sheffied Music Festival.

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