Chicago White Sox Fans Still Celebrate What Would Have Been Opening Day

Bernie Tafoya
March 26, 2020 - 2:25 pm

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- March 26 was to be the start of the baseball season for the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox. It was to have been the home opener for the Sox, starting what was looking to be a very promising season.

"Happy Opening Day, quarantine style," tweeted one White Sox fan.

Some people have been posting videos and pictures on Twitter of themselves in Sox gear or at Sox games.

Jessica tweeted a picture and said "Happy Opening Day that isn’t" followed by a crying emoji.

The White Sox have put out their own video called, "Change the Game."

"Our passion will help us through this," said a deep-voiced announcer followed by the sound of a couple of aluminum bats hitting balls by young fans and then other fans urging, "Stay safe, Chicago."

Manager Ricky Renteria also took to Twitter. He noted that today was supposed to be a special day all across the country, "but unfortunately, we're dealing with something a little bigger than our great game."

Renteria concludes, "I assure you our players are maintaining and working very hard so when the season does resume, we will be ready. But in the meantime, please take care of yourselves and your families, be safe and go Sox."

"Yo! Good morning White Sox fans!," shouted one Sox fan who posted a video of himself on Twitter this morning while standing in one of the White Sox parking lots and opening a cold one.  He offered a toast "to all the essential workers out there." He said, "thank you guys very much for keeping everybody safe and keeping the world running as normal
as possible and risking your lives, potentially, out there while the rest of us need to go get TP."

Major League Baseball is shut down at least until mid-May.