Made In Chicago: Superior Table Pad Company

Steve Miller
November 19, 2018 - 6:00 am

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) – Table pads are what they sound like: pads to protect your table.

"I can understand that the table itself really is the main event, and if you have a lovely finish, you want to look at it,” says Sally Grenville of Superior Table Pad Company. “So, yes, absolutely, put your table pads away and bring them out only if you have relatives from hell visiting or very rowdy cousins coming over.”

The business, on Chicago’s Northwest Side, has been around since 1937. Grenville married into the company, which her in-laws started.

"I'm the junior member of the team here right now. I've only been here 28 years,” she said.

Today, it’s one of only three companies left in the United States still manufacturing table pads. 

Customers measure their tables or furniture, and Superior makes the pads to fit any size, company vice president Geoff Garland said.

"We've even had some wonderful, fun experiences when somebody's yacht needed table pads because they were having young children on board for a visit," Grenville said. “Or somebody's private aircraft. Those have been especially fun projects to work on.

"But our absolute bread and butter is the home -- and making it possible for families to gather and make memories, quite frankly, around their tables."