Chicago City Clerk Proposes More Affordable Buying Option For City Stickers

Craig Dellimore
October 23, 2018 - 12:39 pm

City Clerk of Chicago


CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- The Chicago City Clerk proposed Tuesday during budget meetings a more affordable way for resident motorists to purchase the required city stickers for their vehicles.

City Clerk Anna Valencia said there are still too many people who are not purchasing city stickers for their vehicles - some because they don’t know they need them and some because they can’t afford the almost $90 sticker.

"Many residents across the city live paycheck to paycheck. My goal is to create a path and lower the barry of entry for those residents who want to come in compliance with the Wheel Tax," she said.

Valencia is proposing creation of a four-month sticker at a cost of $29.28.

"You would walk in, pay the $29.28. You'd leave with a four-month sticker and you can renew online or at one of our office locations for another four months. So you are still paying the $87.82, but you are breaking it down," Valencia said.

She said her office is also looking into the possibility of a month-long forgiveness program, so people who haven't paid for stickers can get caught up without penalties or extra fees.