Chicago Aldermen Hear Testimony About Deportations

Craig Dellimore
August 13, 2018 - 6:01 pm
Chicago City Hall

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Some people facing deportation who have had family members detained told their sometimes harrowing stories to a Chicago City Council committee Monday.

A daughter broke down in tears as she described coming home every day, knowing her mother isn’t there, and in the custody of immigration authorities after working for years in this country,  committing no crime except being undocumented.

Jorge Barragan said his father was recently apprehended going out to fetch coffee for his family. They didn’t know where he was, Barragan said, until he was allowed a phone call.

The worst part is knowing that this was a man providing for his family and doing good in the community. He's not been in trouble with the police, Barragan says.        

Chicago aldermen want Congress to take action to keep families from being separated in actions across the country. They say they also want to see laws passed that would formalize the protections for immigrant children and students that President Obama established through new-defunct executive orders.      

Fourteen-year-old Delaney Santos testified her family’s fighting to keep her detained father from being deported. He provides for the family, and she is not sure what will happen to them if he is deported.

A deported U.S. combat veteran testified by telephone, right after his distraught mother spoke with Chicago aldermen. He said it doesn't seem right that after fighting for this country overseas and suffering PTSD the government pushes him away.