Cable Man Rescues Cat Stuck In Tree For 3 Days

Mike Krauser
September 08, 2018 - 3:24 pm

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- A group of South Shore residents saw their frustration turn to joy today after a cable guy rescued a kitten that had been stuck high in a tree.

The cat had been stuck in the tree for three days, neighbors said. 

The kitten was stuck roughly 50 feet up in a tree at 80th Street and South Shore Drive.

"It’s a shame," Yolanda Taylor, who called attention to the situation, said. “When you hear something begging for help and you can't do anything." 

As she spoke, the little white kitten, wearing a pink collar, paced on a limb, meowing.

Taylor said Animal Care and Control and the fire department said they couldn’t do anything to help it. 

She tried to coax the kitten down by putting food on the ground, but said other cats ate it instead.

She was so worried, she said she had been losing sleep over it.  

On Saturday morning, several people tried to help.

One woman pulled a thin rope from the trunk of a car and was stopped from climbing the tree by her husband. 

A man who owns a tree service showed up and said he planned to return with bucket truck.

But an Xfinity worker, Brian Matusca, beat him to it.

The cable man said he had heard the reports about the kitten on WBBM, and decided to take action. 

As he got to work, people gathered under the tree this morning to watch while the cat meowed and the situation grew tense.

Taylor shouted "Don't jump," when it appeared the animal was going to make an attempt. 

Then Matusca raised his bucket to the top of the tree -- and the cat came right to him. 

Neighbors cheered and cried and hugged. 

One neighbor said it was “amazing" that people came from throughout the city to try to help.  "It's going to make me cry," she said. And then she did.  

Taylor cradled and kissed the kitten, before handing it over to the owner. 

Matusca, the Xfinity worker, said he has two rescue cats of his own and when he heard about the cat he didn't hesitate to come and help. 

The kitten's owner, standing on a porch, watched and then thanked Matusca and everyone else who was concerned about the kitten.