Bears' Trubisky Gets Sacked In 'Madden 20' Game Rating

Andy Dahn
July 15, 2019 - 4:14 pm

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- It may just be a game, but the people behind a popular football video game are sparking a lot of controversy among real-life fans of the Chicago Bears.

At issue is a specific number and and what it means for fans.

The number is 75. It's third-year quarterback Mitchell Trubisky's overall rating in the new “Madden 20” video game.

"Currently, he's the 26th best quarterback in the league, according to us," said Dustin Smith, Head Ratings Adjuster for EA Sports, the developer of Madden 20.

"That's still in the top starters. We have 128 quarterbacks in our game at the moment. When you put it more in the bigger scope, it makes more sense."

Smith said the annual player ratings release day always generates conversation.

"DM's blow up, hate mail, notifications blow up and are usually stuck at 99.  It's a tough thing to go through. 9.7 times out of ten, it's not nice."

Plenty of those "not nice" comments have come from Bears fans, many of whom took to social media to call Trubisky's ranking "disrespectful."

Smith said it isn't as simple as fans may think: "We try and put out a ton of information where you can find our processes, our thinking that goes into it and how deeply involved this is. We have to show off where players are weak and where they're strong. It's a fun job, but one that I take very seriously."

The good news for Bears fans? Khalil Mack is one of only four players in the entire game to earn the honorable rating of 99 overall.

"Every time we would watch him, especially versus elite competition, he dominated,” Smith said.