Bears Still Baffled By Penalty Call On Trey Burton

October 15, 2018 - 3:32 pm

(670 The Score) In the aftermath of a 31-28 overtime loss to the Dolphins on Sunday afternoon, Bears coach Matt Nagy and others were left perplexed by a key penalty call that went against them.

With about 12 1/2 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter and the Bears leading 21-13, quarterback Mitchell Trubisky threw what appeared to be a three-yard touchdown pass to running back Tarik Cohen in the flat. But it was called back because of an offensive pass interference penalty on tight end Trey Burton, who was deemed to have illegally impeded a defender pursuing Cohen on what's known as a pick play.

To the Bears, Burton's actions looked natural and within his right to run his route. And so a day later, they were still baffled on a play that would've given them a two-touchdown lead.

"Personally, I thought Trey played it well," Robinson said on the McNeil & Parkins Show on Monday afternoon. "As far as being, he was an option on the play. So there's nothing else that he could do. I feel like he tried to avoid the defender. 

"That's so tough to say. I don't know, it's just one of those things that we'll get back from the league this week, and they'll tell us what they thought. We'll have adjust accordingly or they'll be telling us that's one that they missed. It's tough to say.

"But for me, watching the film and seeing it, he was expecting the ball. He was an option on the play. I don't really understand what else he could have done. He ran his route. He got open. Because that's the thing -- he was actually open."

On the ensuing play, Trubisky threw an interception that proved to be a game-changer, as the Dolphins quickly responded to tie it and eventually win in overtime.

"For us, it was knowing that at certain points in the game, we had the game in our hands," Robinson said of what stood out Sunday. "I think that's the most important thing for us.

"We had the game in our hands, and we weren't able to capitalize."