Bears Coach Matt Nagy Talks Win Over Giants, Mack On Defense

George Ofman
November 25, 2019 - 8:04 am
Matt Nagy

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CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO/AP) -- Khalil Mack gave the Bears the lift they needed with the type of big play he had not been delivering.

Mack set up a touchdown with a strip-sack, Allen Robinson had a season-high 131 yards receiving and Chicago beat the struggling New York Giants 19-14 on Sunday.

Trying to salvage something from a disappointing season, the Bears (5-6) bounced back from a loss to the Los Angeles Rams to win for the second time in three games. The Giants (2-9) dropped their seventh straight and clinched their third losing season in a row.

Mack broke through in the third quarter for just his second sack in seven games. Held without a tackle at Los Angeles, the three-time All-Pro nailed Jones deep in New York territory, and Chicago’s Nick Williams recovered at the 3. That led to a 2-yard touchdown run by quarterback Mitchell Trubisky to make it 19-7.

“Turnovers are huge, especially down the stretch,” Mack said. “No surprise that that one was a huge play down the stretch. That's what we needed to win the game.”

New York cut the lead to five with 4:10 left in the game when Golden Tate hauled in a 23-yard pass on fourth-and-18. The Bears then went three-and-out before Pat O’Donnell pinned the Giants at the 6 with a 61-yard punt, and Chicago hung on from there.

Trubisky threw for a season-high 278 yards, including a touchdown to Robinson, and two interceptions after missing the final drive the previous week because of a right hip pointer. Robinson had six catches, and the defending NFC North champions gave their frustrated fans something to cheer.

“I’m happy we won, but it’s not good enough, not really good enough,” Trubisky said.

WBBM Newsradio’s George Ofman spoke with Bears coach Matt Nagy on Monday morning following the Bear's victory over the Giants.

WBBM: Not exactly a work of art yesterday, but a win is a win. What were your impressions of Mitch Trubisky?

"Yeah, you know what, he played a good game," Nagy said. "You get to see where he's at and I'll buzz through it real quick last night and was able to notice he made a lot of good decisions. He had a couple plays, probably two plays, that he probably wants back, but for the most part, put us in good position. And we were able to click there at the start of the third quarter, but all in all, like you said we got the win and that's what is most important."

WBBM: You know I am wondering if whether you would like to petition the league to play the second half first and the first half second, because scoring in those first 30 minutes coach has been pretty much an exercise in futility. 

"Yeah it has been. It's been one of our challenges and like you said, we have had in our last five games come out and score at the start of the third quarter, so we want to make sure we can flip that and do that in the first quarter and start a little bit faster and that's the goal for us," Nagy said.

WBBM: I would be remised if I didn't ask you about the botched extra point, because it was not a good look. What happened?

"We had an injury that occurred with Bobby Massey so there was some confusion whether or not we had 11 players out on the field with some of our players and we did, we were good so sometimes unfortunately when you have an injury that stuff can happen, but we know we want to improve on that and not get into that situation when we are kicking that long of an extra point at that time," Nagy said.

WBBM: I am sure it is relieving to see Khalil Mack have a bounce back game. 

"Yeah it is. He had a good game. The defense was pretty aggressive. You saw 52 out there running around, doing some good things," Nagy said.

WBBM: Quick turn around, the same thing you did last year - Thanksgiving Day in Detroit once again. It looks like a winnable game against a team you just beat.

"Well you know, I don't know. For us, it is a quick turnaround. That is what we are focused on. That is not how we look at it for winnable games. There is a lot of parody in this league and every team is tough to beat, so that's the way we approach things and that's how we go," Nagy said.

The Bears travel to Detroit to take on the Lions on Thursday at 11:30 a.m. for Week 13.

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