Bears Coach Matt Nagy Talks Miami Loss, Mack Injury

In A Wild One, Bears Fall To Dolphins In OT

October 15, 2018 - 8:16 am

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Miami takes out the Bears with a field goal as time expires in overtime. 

Jason Sanders kicked a 47-yard field goal on the final play of overtime after Cody Parkey missed a 53-yard try for the Chicago Bears, who blew an 11-point lead in the final 16 minutes of regulation and lost to the Miami Dolphins, 31-28, on Sunday.

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The Dolphins took the kickoff to start overtime, marched 74 yards and were on the verge of victory when Kenyan Drake fumbled just before crossing the goal line. Eddie Goldman recovered for the Bears, who then drove to the Miami 35. But former Dolphin Parkey was wide right on his attempt with 2 minutes left.

Miami (4-2) snapped a two-game losing streak and ended a three-game winning streak for Chicago (3-2).

WBBM Newsradio's Josh Liss spoke with Bears coach Matt Nagy following the Dolphins loss.

"That was a tough one. Both teams battling hard at the very end, to the very last play. Obviously we would have liked a different outcome, but we have to use this to learn from it and get better from it," Nagy said.

WBBM: Oh yeah, plenty of teaching moments within this one I am sure. You nearly had a tough to earn road victory secured. It must've felt like you had it in the bag or close to it, up double digits in the fourth quarter until the Dolphins turn it around for themselves. Of course if someone could just get their arms around Albert Wilson or Cody Parkey straightens out that field goal, we are having a different type of conversation this morning. What else stands out from the late, going into that game? What key moments might your mind be wandering back to?

"Well you know you are right. Those are big plays in the game, but ultimately the start of the game - not putting up any points, but the defense holding them to 7, 0-7, it felt like a lot more than that, but we come out in the second half, the the guys to their credit, our players, they battled. We put up some points and then you know, there were some tackles that we wish we could have back, but that is a part of the game, so the thing is, when you win and lose games, we do it together, and as a team," he said. 

"We all including coaches take this one and we want to be able to improve from it."

WBBM: So your defense was a bit out of character yesterday, giving up all those yards, and with a different quarter back at the start and after setting the bar so high, still making some highlight plays in Miami. How do you explain that type of performance from the defense?

"The one thing that we all need to understand and remember is there is so much parody in this league and our defense has been playing at another level the first four games of the season. That was rare for them yesterday to have that type of game, but that's not out of the ordinary. There are games like that, but our guys know that. They are professionals. They will use this to get better and to see where they went wrong, as will the whole team, so we just have to continue to stay positive and realize that that was the fifth game of the year and they all count and we have to use this as a positive and let it help us down the road," Nagy said. 

WBBM: After playing through some pain yesterday, what do we know about Khalil Mack and that ankle of his?

"We should know more in the next couple days. He is a heck of a player and he did that early on in the game and for him to continue to play, just shows what kind of warrior he is and for him to just battle through that. So we will see. We should know more in the next few days and hopefully it's a good outcome," Nagy said.

The Bears take on the New England Patriots at home on Sunday at noon for Week 7.

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