Bears Coach Matt Nagy Discusses Bye Week, Injuries, & The Saints

Josh Liss
October 14, 2019 - 9:27 am

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- It's back to work Monday for the Chicago Bears, returning from a Week 6 bye week and starring ahead to a Sunday home game against the 5-1 New Orleans Saints. 

WBBM Newsradio's Josh Liss spoke with Bears coach Matt Nagy to discuss how the team spent their week off.

Nagy said "it's always good to reload and reflect on where you are at right now. I think we all got a chance to do that, so it's nice to get back in here and get after it."

Because now the Bears have 11 straight weeks of games. 

WBBM: Were you able to spend some time studying your own squads' first five games and what may have stood out, as far as areas to improve in?

"Yeah, we were, and we use this time to do that. All teams do that. You just kind of see where you are at...obviously for us, we know in three different phases where we can improve at, and so, we looked at some things and we are excited to get back out there," Nagy said.

WBBM: Yeah they must be excited to get back to work and get the Raiders loss out of there system. So the players were off, but we understand Mitchell Trubisky was rehabbing is left shoulder injury during the bye. What might be the latest on Mitch and his chances of at least getting back to practice today or this week?

"Yeah, he was in here. Every day he is working to get that thing stronger and stronger, and so that will be the big question for us. We'll see how it goes here, really this whole week, but we are excited for him. We know every day helps us out to get him back, so we'll see where it ends up going," Nagy said. 

WBBM: So a chance Mitchell Trubisky gets back as quarterback. Kyle Long is getting some attention. A NFL Network report claims he is likely to go on injured reserve with a hip injury. We know he has been banged up, but what more can you say about Long's situation - and how you may be prepared for more shuffling on the offensive line?

"That's where it's at, and I think we want to credit him for battling through an injury and it is a tough loss, but it's a part of the game and we understand that, and he understands it, and we just need to keep plugging away," Nagy said.

WBBM: You will be without Akiem Hicks for awhile, your big defensive tackle. The pro-bowler hurt his elbow in the Raiders game. How bad might Hicks injury be, and what his chances are to see the field again this season? We just have not heard an update on Hicks yet.

"We are still working through all the logistics on that, but we feel like it was a pretty good injury that he got there. I was down on the field with him when it happened. He was in some pain," Nagy said. "We are hoping he is definitely able to return here, by the season's end, and find out exactly where that's at. That's our goal."

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WBBM: How much of the Saints have you seen, on tape or live, on Jacksonville yesterday? What stands out and who do you expect to start at quarterback - Teddy Bridgewater (4-0), Drew Brees coming off the thumb injury?

"Yeah they are a scrappy team. They are well-coached. Coach Payton does a great job schematically with them," Nagy said. "They have a lot of games that they have played together, so offensively, like you said, Teddy Bridgewater comes in and has won all the games he has played. We will see where they are at, at the quarterback position, but for us, we got to focus on us; and defensively, they are flying around, playing fast and physical, so it's going to be a huge challenge and we are excited to get back out at home field, at Solider Field with our fans."

WBBM: Important work for your players when they get back into the building today. 

The Bears face the Saints on Sunday at 3:25 p.m.

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