Areas In And Near LaSalle County See Snow Flurries Friday

Jim Gudas
October 12, 2018 - 2:10 pm

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Streator City Clerk Patricia Henderson said she got quite an unpleasant surprise when she looked out a window at her office and saw snow falling late Friday morning and early Friday afternoon.

"One of the girls that I work with just looked out the window," Henderson said. "And she's like, oh it's snowing! And we're like what?"

Henderson said it was a light, fine snow which melted as soon as it landed.

National Weather Service meterologist Charles Mott said records indicate the last time the area got measurable snow on Oct. 12 was in 2006, and that getting snow this early in Northern Illinois is unusual. Even so, he said it's shouldn't necessarily be that big of a surprise.

"It is unusual, that we were 80 degrees a short time ago, but a characteristic of fall is that temperatures can fall," Mott said.


Mott said as the precipitation got closer to Chicago, it turned from snow into rain due to warmer conditions closer to Lake Michigan.

Henderson tried to make light of the snow. She said she jokingly told Streator's city manager to deploy snow plows, to which she said he replied "Don't say that."

Henderson said she's not ready to see snow this early in the season. She joked that she was hoping the snow wouldn't show up until Dec. 31.