Allen Robinson: 'Special Camaraderie' Part Of Bears' Success

November 12, 2018 - 2:48 pm

(670 The Score) There has been a fair degree of outside noise as the Bears have been a surprise team at 6-3 this season. Many have wondered how good they really are, whether quarterback Mitchell Trubisky can lead them to the playoffs and where this team will go.

The Bears try to tune such talk out but are all certainly aware of the perceptions that exist. As receiver Allen Robinson told the McNeil & Parkins Show on Monday, playing for each other -- not anyone outside of Halas Hall -- has made the Bears stronger.

"It's never about the critics at all," Robinson said. "We're not playing to prove anything to the critics or anything like that. We're playing for each other as teammates, as coaches, as management and as staff. We don't play for the media. We don't play to prove anybody wrong. We go out there to have fun with each other and to have each other's backs, go out there and win games.

"We got each other's backs. That's bigger than anything when it comes to proving any doubters. We got doubters, we got non-believers, we got a lot of people out there like that. For us, they'll see. That's not our job to really prove them wrong. We're just going out there and having fun, playing with each other."

After missing two games with a groin injury, Robinson returned with a strong performance in the Bear's 34-22 win over the Lions on Sunday. He recorded six receptions for 133 yards and two touchdowns in the victory. Robinson went into the game feeling at 100 percent and left the game feeling just as well, he said.

The Bears have taken pride in team victories while developing a close-knit chemistry this season. Whether it's criticism of Trubisky or Cody Parkey coming under fire after missing four kicks Sunday, the Bears have bonded together.

"From the day I set foot in here, everybody was behind each other," Robinson said. "That's quarterback, that's offensive line, that's receivers. It' s a special camaraderie that this team has. That's something special that I can call myself a part of. 

"Win, lose or draw, from the coaches down to the players, nobody points fingers, nobody blames anybody or anything like that. For us, that's what has really held us all solid through so many different kind of games. We all know the hard work that everybody puts in each and every day.

"That's what helps us all out as a unit. We just all try to see everything through the same set of eyes and be a cohesive unit."