4 Plainfield Central High School Students Under Investigation After Reported Hazing

Mike Krauser
October 22, 2019 - 11:10 am
Plainfield Central High School

CBS Chicago


PLAINFIELD, Ill. (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Four students at Plainfield Central High School are under investigation for what was reported as a hazing incident.

The four students were reported by another student - the alleged victim. Exactly what happened is not clear, but police looked into it and decided it did not amount to hazing - not under the law, but they could face battery charges. 

A concerned grandparent, Kathy Gato, spoke to CBS 2 about the incident. 

“The kids need to know that there are some penalties for their actions,” Gato said. “They’re not always going to get away with stuff, and they should not be so brazen in what they feel like their right to do to somebody else is.”

The victim reported that four fellow athletes forced the teen to do something the school originally believed fell under potential hazing. The district said all of those involved are athletes, and Plainfield police were quick to investigate.

“You don’t have all the facts, and you know – you don’t know. Maybe you’re not going to ever get all the facts,” Gato said.

According to CBS 2, the high school notified parents of the complaint through robocalls and letters. Police have not said exactly what the teens did to the other, but investigators insist the teen did not have bodily injuries.

Police later determined whatever happened at the school did not meet the criteria for hazing. Yet, the students could still face battery charges.

As the criminal investigation continues, the district would not say if the four teens are suspended or allowed in the school.