3-Year-Old Deyana Taylor Welcomed Back Home With Englewood Parade Celebration After Surviving Gunshot Wound To The Chest

Mike Krauser
July 18, 2020 - 4:44 pm
Taylor, Holmes and friends

(Mike Krauser/WBBM)

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- A 3-year-old girl who was released from the hospital after being shot on the street on June 21 received a colorful welcome home celebration Saturday in the Englewood neighborhood. 

Organized by activist Andrew Holmes and led by police from the 7th District, the parade caravan started at 6400 S. Ashland Ave. and ended at 7036 S. Damen Ave., the home of 3-year-old Deyana Taylor, who was welcomed back with balloons, gifts of toys and friends surrounding her and her house.

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The song "The Cupid Shuffle" by Cupid blasted from the van speakers, putting smiles and a few dance moves on the young children there to welcome Deyana Taylor back. 

The parade was recorded live on WBBM's Facebook and also featured families, community members and a motorcycle squad coming to show support and give little Taylor new presents.

"We want all children just to continue to be kids," Homes said. 

Deyana Taylor Party
(Mike Krauser/WBBM)

Diedra Taylor, the 3-year-old's mother, said the community support was heartwarming. 

She said she remembers what her daughter said while in the hospital that let her know she was going to survive. 

"I was panicking myself and once I heard her say, 'Don't touch my earrings, leave my earrings alone,' I said, 'Yeah, she OK'," Diedra Taylor said.

Englewood District Police Commander Larry Snelling said there is minimal information on the shooter. He said he was shocked that 3-year-old Taylor was shot and people don't know who did it. 

"How can you shoot anybody and no one knows a word?" Snelling said. "Well, look behind you — look at these babies. How does a baby take a bullet an nobody wants to say a word?"

Diedra Taylor said that while her daughter recovers, she is afraid to sit outside. 

Authorities say the shooting may have been retaliation for another that wounded a teenager a half-hour earlier on June 21. Police say Deyana Taylor was outside n a porch when she was hit in the chest by shots fired from a vehicle, police said. 

Taylor is one of the latest victims in a rash of shootings that have left children and teens dead or wounded across the city this summer.